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Mindfulness: Immunity Boost for Your Soul

By: Dale Wells-Marshall

As the world turns on an unfamiliar axis, we as a global community are asked to adapt to a “new normal”. Everyone, everywhere, is being asked to work together to purge ourselves of an unwelcomed visitor, COVID-19.

We have focused so much on distancing our bodies for physical health and safety, but what about social distancing for our mental and emotional well-being?

Our workplaces, communities and families now flow to the rhythm of social distancing, curfew and quarantine. Vitamins, supplements and sanitary items have flown off the shelves. As we sit in this present reality, where we separate ourselves by 6ft and sanitizer, I ask you, how are you shielding your soul, beloved? How have you created a safe space so that the viral fear and panic does not infect your heart and your mind?

Have your social media, headline news feeds and phone calls been flooded with posts, messages, videos, rhetoric and voice notes that are filled with fear, conspiracy and/or panic?

Did you know that when we come across this information and allow ourselves to connect with it in any way, we are building neural pathways in our brain that are attached to negative emotions and experiences? From a neuroscience standpoint, I can tell you that when those fear centers of the brain are activated, the reactions are very strong and detrimental. Over time these stress hormones damage not only our physical but our emotional bodies as well. This is why we are urged to abstain from stressful situations when we are coping with any chronic illness.

The good news is that our brains have plasticity”. This means that we can recover and thrive in our current reality. By adding Mindfulness techniques to our daily lives, we can accept our reality and still create a safe, healthy emotional space amidst this global crisis.

By using this Mindful Surrender Technique called B.A.B.E, you can achieve this healthy emotional balance even in the face of a pandemic.

Breathe Deeply and Center Yourself

As you are reading or listening, you may literally feel fear rising in your stomach or a sense of panic about the future. In these moments focus on your inhale and then exhale deeply. Pay attention to your breath and let it keep you anchored to the present moment. Your inner world is your universe and this is all you can really control. Don’t let a post or person throw you off so easily. Don’t fight with the fear but recognize that this information/person triggers unhealthy emotions in you.

Ask Yourself

  1. Is this true or from a credible source?

  2. How can I fact check and understand this for myself? If you have established its truth, ask:

  3. How will this affect me and/or my loved ones?

Be Proactive - Ask and Answer What can I do to be proactive about how this will or may affect my life in the near future and what can and will I do about it? Put pen to paper. List your fears and strategize how you will work to bring about a creative solution; so much genius is born in crisis.

Are you worried about catching the virus? How can you strategize to decrease your exposure? Can you do more online grocery shopping and create fun and fulfilling experiences at home to combat the temptation to leave the safety of your home? Are you worried about sustaining yourself in the future? Can you begin to think of some ways to build residual income during this downtime? Can you start a backyard garden?

Remember to anchor to your breath as you strategize and plan, because fear of what can go wrong is absolutely natural.

Energy Matters - Protect Your Mind

Above all things protect your mind. Bypass the need to re-center from the get-go! Simply use that mute or hide updates from persons that unknowingly throw you out of alignment. Filter your timeline to feed you not frazzle you. You don’t have to feel guilty about not accepting phone calls, declining conversations or exiting chat groups. Allow those things and people to be, without judgment, but don’t allow yourself to be swept up in their universe. Save your coping techniques for necessary, factual information.

Give your soul the immunity boost it needs, feed it with things that build your hope, creativity and interests. My prayer is that we become a more emotionally healthy community after this Covid-19 quarantine.



About The Author

Dale Wells-Marshall

Dale is an educator, certified Mindfulness instructor, certified Youth Leadership Development Facilitator, children's book author, Professional Mindfulness Practitioner and Yoga instructor. She has a strong passion for giving children and women a steady, knowledgeable, strategic compass to balance life's storms through yoga, meditation, nature and Mindfulness techniques.

After losing her beloved sister in 2005, Dale took a deeper look into the meaning of life and began actively working in her school and community to awaken children's self awareness and empowerment outside the classroom. Personal struggles throughout 2013 - 2016 also pushed her further into her passion. This period birthed workshops, books, camps, and public speaking events focused on giving children and women healthy emotional strategies to win at life.

"Anxiety, hypertension, emergency surgeries & stress tried to ravage my soul, but this only pushed me to learn more about yoga, meditation and Mindfulness and gave me a good foundation to give children and other women strategies to navigate through life's storms." - D. Wells- Marshall

To connect with Dale and learn more about mindfulness along with her consultation services for youth intervention, educational training and workshops visit her website www.starinspiredinc.com. You can also follow her on Instagram @star_inspired and on Facebook @Dale Wells Marshall.

Also check out the link below to learn more about Mindfulness: https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/how-does-mindfulness-work

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